A camp stove uses canisters of gas as fuel to cook when you are in the backcountry. Not all camp stoves are made alike. Some camp stoves have two burners, which allow you to make multiple dishes at once and are ideal for car camping trips. Other camp stoves are smaller and can be packed in a backpack. Use this cheat sheet to figure out what type of camp stove is best for your camping trip. 

  • Size: The size of your camp stove is the first decision you need to make. If you plan to bring your camp stove into the backcountry, you need a pocket-sized burner that screws directly onto a lightweight fuel canister. If you are car camping or can bring a bulkier camp stove with you on a raft or boat, you can opt for a propane-powered stove. These types of stoves typically come in one and two-burner configurations and are powered by two-pound cylinders. Single-burner stoves are simple and smaller, but if you want to cook multiple dishes at once, a two-burner stove is the way to go.
  • Type of Fuel: Camp stoves do not all use the same types of fuel. The three main types of camp stove fuels are propane, butane, and a fuel blend. Propane is the cheapest and most common fuel. It burns hot, but propane canisters tend to be bulky, making portability a concern. Butane canisters are typically lighter and smaller than propane canisters. Fuel blends, which typically contain a combination of isobutane and propane, can be a bit pricier, but they’re efficient and portable. Each camp stove will dictate which type of fuel it is compatible with. Make sure you purchase the correct type of fuel before heading on your next camping trip. 
  • Weather Resistance: Odds are that you’ll be using your camp stove outside. This means that your camp stove needs to be able to stand up to the elements. The biggest threat to your camp stove is wind. Look for a camp stove that has enough wind protection to protect your stove’s flame even when it’s windy out. 

Our Picks for the Best Camp Stoves on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove

Top Pick Overall

You can’t go wrong with this time-tested two-flame setup. Coleman

Runner Up: Camp Chef Explorer, Two Burner Stove

Runner Up

It’s a convenient cooking machine with detachable legs that raise the cooking surface to a comfortable height. Camp Chef

Great for the Backcountry: MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Backpacking, Camping, and Travel Stove

Great for the Backcountry

It’s an efficient and effective pocket-sized burner. MSR

Budget Pick: Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

Budget Pick

It’s a great no-frills option available at a low price point. Coleman

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