I just came across this April 27 Ted Nugent article on women hunters and thought it was was worth a link. Of course, it’s full of Nugent’s unflinching “energy,” such as this closing appeal to male readers:

Nothing says pro-gun and pro-hunting like an army of female participants, voters and activists. Target the women in your life and let’s create a team of female commandos to once and for all crush those who would deny us these wonderful pursuits of happiness in America.

 My first thoughts were: I don't think of myself as being in an activist army, and I'm not crazy about the idea of being "targeted" for a team of "commandos."   
 However, those points aside, Nugent's clear regard for outdoorswomen -- especially those within his own family -- is great to see, and I know he expresses it regularly. The rest of the opinion piece introduces a young bowhunter named Brook and discusses some of the field accomplishments of Nugent's daughter Sasha and wife Shemane.   
 While he might not be quite my style, I'm all for passionate appeals to get more women into the field, and the fact that he wrote this opinion piece at all is hard not to appreciate. There's plenty of room in the woods for different approaches. - K.H.