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In case you haven’t noticed, the price of ammunition has been rising slowly, and it is not about to stop. Not by a durn sight. The reason is that the prices of the metals that go into almost all ammo—lead, copper, and zinc—have risen exponentially. Here are some examples:

There are a couple of reasons for this: China and India are now manufacturing stuff that requires the three metals, and they want their share. And, as with oil refineries, there are only so many smelters that can transform ore into metal.

So if you think that ammo and components are expensive now (actually, they aren’t), YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!  And if that isn’t depressing enough, consider this: It seems highly likely that the Democrats will regain control of Congress in November, and it is also probable that Hillary will run for President. And when that happens, you will see a wave of panic-buying of firearms and ammunition that will beggar the imagination.

And so: Beat the rush and begin hoarding now. And remember that you read it here first.

(On a somewhat brighter note: A young West Virginia lady named Hannah whom I know went to see the moronic movie Open Season. Her reaction to it was that if bears were as dumb as the one in the cartoon, she wanted to go bear hunting.)