Don’t think gas and oil exploration takes a toll on wildlife? Maybe you haven’t considered this side of the story, from the Billings Gazette:

_A magistrate in Sweetwater County has sentenced a Tennessee man to serve 100 days in jail and pay $6,000 in fines and restitution for shooting a doe antelope. . . . Officials say the case is only the latest in a disturbing pattern of out-of-state energy workers wantonly killing Wyoming wildlife. . . .

Brett Johnson, Sweetwater County attorney, prosecuted Bowman and said he hopes the sentence sends a stern message. . . .

“There’s a real issue because of all the oil and gas exploration,” Johnson said of the transient workers.
“They’re out there. There’s very few other people out there, and there’s a lot of wildlife. They don’t think anybody’s going to catch them, and most of the time, nobody does catch them. So I hope it does send a message.”_