I’m looking to buy one of these rifles based on their good price and rating. My only problem is deciding which caliber. I’m leaning towards the .300 Win Mag as I already have a Remington Model 760 in .270. Do you think this gun is too light at 6.5 lbs.for this caliber? Or should I sell the Remington and buy a Stevens in 30.06? What would be a good scope for the .300 Win Mag. I was thinking of a Weaver Grand Slam. Any help with this dilemma would be appreciated.–Ken (via email)

Ken, I used a .300 Win Mag for a number of years and am not a fan. Too much recoil for what it can do, and any 6.5-pound rifle in that caliber will knock you sideways. If you want a bolt-action, I’d sell the Remington and get a Savage in .270. And the Weaver Grand Slam is an excellent choice. Great scope for the money.–DP