From the Anchorage Daily News:

_Sometimes fate does this to a man:

You spend a couple weeks trooping to the Kenai Peninsula to try to fill the moose-hunting tag of a lifetime. The weather pounds you. Your moose calling brings in more bears, including some frighteningly big grizzlies, than it does moose. None of the moose that show themselves are legally big enough to shoot. . . .

You make a long, late-night drive home to Anchorage and go to bed.

Then you wake the next morning and go outside to find a yearling moose — a moose that would be legal to shoot in most of Alaska — tied down in your yard.

A fork-horn bull of a perfectly tender and tasty size has wrapped its anglers in the chain of the swing on your child’s outdoor gym and can’t get loose, though it is doing a nice job of demolishing the gym._