A few weeks ago I got a letter from a person of obvious taste and culture asking whether it was a good idea to have his .30/06 hunting rifle custom-throated for a particular bullet of which he was very fond. To which I replied that no, it was not. Better that he stab himself in the eye with a screwdriver to see that it felt like.

When you hunt, do-do happens, and you may find yourself at the ass end of the earth having to borrow or scrounge or buy whatever kind of ammo you can lay your hands on. And you may find that your custom-throated pride and joy will not chamber it. All of my hunting rifles have straight SAAMI chambers and throats, against such time as I fly to Anchorage and the ramp apes send my ammo to Aukland.


Along similar lines, I have a letter in front of me asking about the advisability of having a rifle built for the .22 Short. Again a no, because when you put real money in a rifle you always have to think about when you might want or need to get it back, and there is not a hell of a big market for rifles chambered for the .22 Short.

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