Long20_289 Last week, we asked whether Mac Weakley’s 25-pound Dixon Lake largemouth is the same fish as the number four and number nine bass of all time, both also caught in Dixon by Jed Dickerson and Mike Long respectively (click here for that story). We also provided a photo gallery for you to compare the fish (click here to view that photo gallery). Most of those pictures, however, did not provide a clear view of what all three anglers say is the bass’s identifying characteristic: a dime-sized black spot near the gill plate.

Now we’ve found a shot (see above) showing the spot on Long’s 9th place fish that proves these three bass were indeed the same creature (click the picture to enlarge it and look for the spot on the lower part of the gill plate).You can see more big bass pics in our new photo gallery of giant Dixon Lake largemouths that was posted to the main site today.