Well, the election results are in and the Republicans have taken it on the ear. The House is firmly Democratic, and the best the GOP can hope for in the Senate is a tie. For a while, at least until mid-January, we are going to hear the obligatory noises about cooperation, reaching across the aisle, and working together. And if any of that stuff has a chance of actually happening, then I am Nicolette Sheridan.

No, the next two years are going to be about payback. Old scores are going to be settled. Dubya is going to wish he was interned at Gitmo. And among the things you can expect to see are some really onerous gun-control bills.

Whoa, you say. Haven’t the Democrats learned that backing gun control is bad for political longevity? Why yes, says I, but they don’t care. They have to do it. It’s in their genes. It’s been so long since the Democratic liberals have tried to pass a really stupid, futile piece of firearms legislation that they’ll fight to get their names on the very first one that comes along. It makes them feel good.

And for you and me, the word to remember is the acronym BOHICA:

“Bend over, here it comes again.”