Today’s topic is Favorite Gun Movies, a category that includes any film in which movie makers actually try to get guns, hunting or shooting right. Winchester ’73 is a great gun movie (with showman-shooter Herb Parsons standing off camera, “stunt” shooting for Jimmy Stewart). Saving Private Ryan is a great gun movie. As a shotgunner, I really like The Shooting Party, a detailed look at a weekend of aristocratic driven-pheasant shooting on the eve of World War I.

My favorite, though, is 1975’s The Wind and the Lion. . It’s a hoot of a movie, a high-spirited, tongue-in-cheek politically incorrect tale of gunboat diplomacy in the era of The Big Stick. Set in 1904, it is very loosely based on a real historical incident, the kidnapping of American citizen Ion Pedicaris in Morocco by a Berber bandit named Risuli.

It has:

Brian Keith, perfect as Teddy Roosevelt. In the clip he discusses taxidermy and gun fit.

A pre-Murphy Brown Candice Bergen holding Dallas‘ Steve Kanaly at gunpoint with a Model 97.

Sean Connery as a Berber bandit chieftain with a Scottish accent.

The Marines practicing a bit of successful regime change.

The Germans as the bad guys.

Lots of cool turn of the century ordnance, including Maxim guns, Colt Potato Diggers, Krag-Jorgensens, Model 97s, an 1895 Winchester, a broomhandle Mauser and more.

So that’s my favorite gun movie. I’ve seen it at least five times. The floor is now open to your nominations.