Here’s the bad news: the sky is falling.

Here’s the good news: so is the price of lead.

One of my local stores has lead shot at $37 a bag, down from $43 a month ago. Rumor has it the price will keep dropping. Like a lot of folks, I’ve been shooting lighter reloads to stretch my money, but even if lead gets to $15 a bag, I’m having so much fun shooting recoilless target loads that I won’t go back to the heavier stuff.

The Hodgdon website has the recipes I use. I’ve settled on 3/ 4 ounce of 8s at 1200 fps. I can hardly feel them go off in an 8 1/ 2 pound 12 gauge, but they crush skeet and sporting targets. It is true that there aren’t many pellets in the fringes of a 3/ 4 ounce pattern, but I’m willing to trade a little margin for error for a complete lack of recoil.

DEP has written that good shooting begins with the acceptance of pain and great shooting begins with the love of pain (do I have that right, Dave?), but I’m enjoying the absence of pain. Has anybody else out there lightened up and liked it?