From Scientific American:
_It was perhaps the most highly touted press conference of the week, but it didn’t reveal much in the way of evidence: Three bigfoot enthusiasts announced today that a series of genetic tests performed on samples taken from a carcass they claim is a Sasquatch came back as a mixture of human and opossum [the latter supposedly coming from the creature’s stomach]. . . .

Tom Biscardi, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer [also] showed the audience two blurry photos, one of a solitary figure in mixed hardwood forest and another of the mouth of what appeared to be the tongue and teeth of a primate. . . .

“It’s about what I expected,” said Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology from Idaho State University in Pocatello who has studied the bigfoot phenomenon. “Today they should have produced a physical piece of the corpse, if not the corpse itself. Until they produce the body, it doesn’t matter. . . .”

[“This] whole thing is very cloak and dagger,” [said Benjamin Radford, who writes for the Skeptical Inquirer magazine and has followed bigfoot hunters for more than a decade]. “It all about, ‘We have unnamed scientists working at an undisclosed location under armed guard.'”_