Grolarbear_1 Last Friday, we ran a link about a strikingly odd bear that’s been making big news among both hunters and scientists. And the news just got bigger. On a $50,000 polar bear hunt south of Banks Island in the Northwest Territories , 65-year-old Idaho hunter Jim Martell shot an apparently white bear. But when he and his guides got a closer look, they saw dark rings around the animal’s eyes and the humped back and dished face of a grizzly. Now, DNA testing has confirmed that Martell’s trophy is in fact the first cross-bred polar/grizzly bear ever discovered in the wild. The big question now seems to be whether to call it a “pizzly,” a “grolar bear,” or a “polargrizz.” Not to mention, should it be a world record for a brand new big-game category? Check out the full story here: