As you no doubt remember, Hmong immigrant Chai Soua Vang, 38, of St. Paul, Minnesota, shocked the outdoor community, as well as the country at large, when he killed six hunters and injured two others in November of 2004. Now, a little more than two years later, a Hmong hunter has been found dead in a wildlife area, stirring memories of the earlier murders.

According to the Associated Press, “Cha Vang, 30, of Green Bay, was found dead Saturday morning, a night after he was reported missing in the Peshtigo Harbor Wildlife Area in northeastern Wisconsin. Investigators have not said how they believe he died but said they are treating the case as a homicide. An autopsy is planned for [today].”

Authorities have detained 28-year-old Peshtigo man, James Nichols, who showed up at a medical center Saturday with a gunshot wound that wasn’t life-threatening. For now, he is considered “a person of interest.”

As some Hmong worry that the incident is retaliation, United Hmong Community Center president Yia Thao urged caution. “I told them we have to listen to what is actually happening,” he told the AP.

Meanwhile, Cha Vang’s wife, Pang Vue, 25, lamented the loss of her husband and his hopes for their family: “Our dream was just starting, just now beginning, and now it falls apart again.”

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