Being a card-carrying (but not an AARP card) geezer, just about everything irritates me, but here are three things that really get my aged goat:

When I say “thank you” to some young punk and they reply “No problem.” Kid, the response to “Thank you” is “You’re welcome.”

When I call our IT department to tell them that my Mac is not working and four hours later, some geek calls me back to ask me what my “issue” is. I do not have issue; issue is kids. I have a problem.

When some shooters, trying to be clever, refer to the .257 Roberts as the “.257 Bob” and to one of the Weatherby rounds as the “such-and-such Roy.” Let’s call things by their proper names. The English language is in bad enough shape as is. The Roberts was invented by Ned Roberts, whose rank was Major, and if you had called his brainchild the .257 Bob to his face he probably would have shot you in the foot.

I can’t wait until some jerk calls the .35 Whelen the “.35 Townie.”