F&S Shooting Editor Phil Bourjaily, who is always hooking me up with great stuff for this blog (Thanks, Phil) has this challenge for you:
_This hunting game comes from tourism website of Aland, a Swedish-speaking island province of Finland. I bet it’s a cool place to visit, especially during duck season.

††††You get 20 shots. Hens–the brown one –cost you major penalty points.

As near as I can figure out, “Alfagels” (long tailed ducks, formerly known as “oldsquaw”) are worth a bunch, especially if they’re far away. The sound effects are great.

††††As your shotgun editor, I have spent waaaay too much time playing this game. My best score is 42. Who can beat that?_

Already up all hours bouncing the new baby in one hand, I spent pretty much the entire long weekend shooting at sea ducks with the other, and managed a 42.8. Phil (who would shoot circles around me in a real duck blind) has graciously crowned me the new F&S champ, but I have a feeling this is far from over.

Update: Already, since this was posted, Phil shot a 43.5, associate editor Brian McClintock shot a 47.2, and Phil Bourjialy’s son (who’s not on staff, yet) shot a 52.9. If you get a high score, post it in the comments section below!