Here is a nice story. Glenrock Blue is a tiny gunshop cleverly hidden on a back street in the miniscule town of Glenrock, Wyoming. It’s run by the husband-and-wife team of Phil and Di Filing. Phil handles the metalwork and Di does the stocks, and together they bring guns back from the dead. You bring in some old beater that looks like it fought and lost at Little Big Horn and they will have it looking better than it did when it left the factory.

Anyway, I was there a few weeks ago and Phil handed me a Model 54 Winchester bolt-action .30/06. The serial number was 90-something, which meant it had been made in the late 1920s. It was in fine shape, except for some rust at the muzzle and on the front sight ramp, and it still had an ancient 2.5X Weaver scope mounted right down on the receiver, ahead of the bolt.

The owner wanted the rust polished out and the barrel reblued, which would just about ruin the gun for a collector (As it was, it would bring $1,500 or so from someone who wanted it bad enough.), and Phil told him so.

“I know,” said the owner, “but my father gave it to me 50 years ago, and it was in perfect shape, and I want to give it to my son in the same condition.”

Now there, I think, is a man with his values as they should be.

If you’re interested Glenrock Blue, the phone is 307-436-2330; Be advised, however, that they don’t turn guns around overnight. They are famous among shooters of taste and culture, and they have a lot of guns to work on.