As a man who never quite got in in touch with his metrosexual side, I have to admit I’m completely baffled by the female obsession with accessorizing. I have as much chance of comprehending the intricacies of bags, purses, belts, trinkets and doo-dads as I do fitting into a pair of those skinny-dude Euro-cut jeans.

However, even I can get into this.


…For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cel phone compartment in the clip. Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse.

Personally, I find that the combination of high fashion and high-capacity weaponry (albeit fake) fairly exudes the message of “confident womynhood,” but if your significant other feels the Pursuader conveys an image that is perhaps a bit too aggressive, Mr. Piatt also offers a sexy little number dubbed the “PeaceKeeper 400.”

Of course, even handbags aren’t immune from presidential politics, and it remains to be seen whether assault purses will be banned or perhaps restricted by the next administration.