It seems Randy Goodman’s deer refuses to die. You know the Missouri hunter’s ordeal with a large buck that obviously never read any Jack O’ Conner has attained true pop-culture status when it’s discussed on that most somber, intellectually stimulating of television shows, The View.

I tried to find a video clip of the show. Really, I did. This morning I propped open my eyelids with pieces of toothpick (so I couldn’t close my eyes), moved the volume control of my computer’s speakers out of reach (so I was forced to listen), handcuffed myself to the desk (so I couldn’t run away) and began watching video clips of The View.

I am now typing this blog post with one hand because the other is a bloody stump. The reason my other hand is now a bloody stump is fifteen minutes after clicking on that first video clip my estrogen reached a near-fatal level and I was forced to gnaw my handcuffed hand off at the wrist and run screaming out the back door in search of something manly to do.

I had absolutely no idea how dangerous daytime television was. If someone can find a clip of the show in question I’d appreciate a link, but please be very careful and whatever you do, ONLY WATCH IT ONCE! Any more than that and I promise you’ll be reading Cosmo and uttering the phrase “you go, girl!” before you know what hit you.

So in lieu of the actual clip I present this for your reading pleasure

From the website:

_While running on the treadmill this morning, I happened upon today’s episode of The View and heard Whoopi Goldberg introducing a HYSTERICAL story that I thought all you wonderful Ecorazzi readers would just LOOOOVVVEEE to hear!

Earlier this week, hunter Randy Goodman was out deer shootin’(what the Sarah Palin?) and fired two shots, killing a 240-pound buck…or so he thought! However, seconds later the revenge-seeking deer came back to life, knocked Goodman down and attacked him with his antlers in what the veteran hunter called “15 seconds of hell.” The deer ran a short distance and died, after Goodman fired two more shots….Now here at the Razz we never condone violence…but in this case we kinda condone violence. I mean come on, the deer died not the hunter, and I think it’s hysterical that Mr. Buck got in a few last seconds of whoop ass time. To quote Whoopi, “You know that man will never shoot anything again!” Hallelujah_

And yes, the comments to the blog are every bit as intelligent as the post itself…