Chad Love: Biathlon Snipers

In keeping with the spirit of a recent Gun Nut blog and reader comments on the Canadian Women’s Biathlon Babes calendar, I give you a related news item that may quench (permanently) any lustful musings on the admittedly intoxicating combination of hot women and guns if you happen to run into the wrong hot woman with a gun.

From the story:

Russia’s top investigator is claiming that the Georgians employed mercenaries during their August war — including female snipers from Ukraine and Latvia…That sounds an awful lot like the mythical “white tights” — the exotic female snipers of Chechen war lore who were said to pick off hapless Russian conscripts. As the story had it, these stone-cold, blue eyed killers were said to be from the Baltics — or Ukraine. They were sometimes described as Olympic biathletes recruited as mercenary sharpshooters by Chechen commanders.

Personally, I find the idea of gorgeous Baltic snipers stalking the battlefield to be uhhh… titillating. Dead is dead no matter how you slice it, but if you’re gonna go it’s better to be sent on your way by a vision in white than some giant, hairy, ill-tempered Slavic dude named Drago. Are the White Tights real? Who cares? They sound dead (pun intended) sexy to me.

Who needs tacky calendars showing plasticized bikini model bimbos striking stripper poses with racks when you can ogle women who really know how to shoot? But ogle with some respect. You never know when war might break out between Canada and the United States.