Lately it seems we’ve been pushing the limits of our capacity to absorb bad news: our economy is tanking, our climate is changing, our environment is degrading, our culture is fracturing, and our government is, well, our government. And to add insult to injury, spinnerbait prices are going up (see The Honest Angler blog for more insight on that).

It’s hard not to think the world – for lack of a better term – really sucks right now. Yesterday I was listening to the squawking heads going apoplectic over the roulette wheel that is our stock market, and I simply couldn’t take it any more. I had absorbed as much gloom as I could without going bananas.

And that’s when I turned around and saw him.


My first thought was to grab my bow and open the patio door very, very slowly. But I didn’t. Instead, I stood transfixed, just watching him walk across the yard. It was one of those fleeting moments of clarity in which we find solace in the face of despair. I know this sounds trite and cheesy, but seeing that buck reminded me of my connection as a hunter, my grounding, to something beyond the daily madness of modern life.

In the end, of course, little moments like this won’t solve any problems or correct societal ills. But they at least give me comfort and a little bit of strength to face those problems. Yes, the man-made world may very well suck right now, but there’s another world out there and we, as outdoorsmen, hold dual citizenship. And for that we should consider ourselves blessed.