So the election’s over and a lot of us are suffering from an acute case of post-election stress disorder.
But chin up! There’s a silver lining to be found in everything, and I found one today.

No matter how your candidate fared yesterday, and regardless of the “Obama this” and “McCain that” arguments that have and no doubt will continue to rage for some time to come, I’m confident we can all come together and rejoice in the fact that at least we didn’t elect this guy.

Talk about an underground candidate! It makes sense, though. After all, he is a tuber.
Carrot seems like a sincere enough fellow but when I look at him I just have this urge to throw him in a simmering pot of venison stew. And then where would we be? We’d have a full stomach, but we’d be leaderless. No, it’s simply too risky to go electing edible politicians, so I guess we’re just going to have to learn to work with what we’ve got.