I need help from some of the more learned readers of F&S. What I need are great historical hunting and/or fishing quotes or verse. Think Isaac Walton or Peter Beckford type material. You know, the timeless stuff. Quotes from the ‘Nuge – while entertaining – won’t cut it.

Why, you ask? Interesting question, that.

I recently came into possession of a number of polished granite headstones. Now before you jump to any grave-robbing conclusions, I picked them up from an old building that used to be a monument company but is very soon going to be a pile of rubble. My plumber bought the property and told me I could scrounge anything I wanted. Imagine my surprise to find all these beautiful slabs of granite just lying around.

So I brought them home, much to my wife’s chagrin. She flatly refused to allow me to scatter them through her flowerbeds. I thought it would be quirky and off-beat, but for some reason she considered it morbid and disturbing.

Since my reputation in the neighborhood is already a bit dodgy, I reluctantly agreed, but then hit on a great idea: I would find timeless quotes, inscribe them on the granite and place them strategically around our property! Even my wife agreed it was a pretty cool idea.

For example, this one is, which I found on Steve Bodio’s excellent blog is going in front of my dog kennels: “Hee cannot be a gentleman whych loveth not a dogge” which comes from a 1555 book entitled “The Institucion of a Gentleman.”

“Litera Scripta Manet” or “the written word endures” will be going on a slab placed outside my office window, while the Ben Johnson quote that hangs above the Shakespeare & Co. book store in Paris “Thou art alive still while thy book doth live and we have wits to read and praise to give” will be going in my front yard.

So I’ve got dogs, literature and books covered. Now I need some immortal hunting and/or fishing quotes. The kind of timeless, trenchant wisdom worthy of being etched forever into a block of solid granite and proudly displayed to the whole world, or at least to the mailman, the UPS driver and the guy who jogs by my house every day.

Any ideas?