If there’s one thing animal rights activists love to do (besides expressing guilt for being born human) it’s form groups. And nothing brings these confused souls together more effectively than misplaced moral indignation and Internet access.

Spend a few minutes surfing animal rights websites, bulletin boards and chatrooms and you’ll find that – although complete nutters – many of them have a commendable flair for the dramatic, the wacky and the hilarious. Until it dawns on you that although it reads like satire, these people actually think this way.

Rather than actually do work today, I’d like readers to comb the Internet for the wackiest, strangest, most bizarre, what-color-is-the-sky-in-their-world animal rights groups out there. It doesn’t have to be a homegrown group (some of the best are UK-based) but it must be an actual group or organization with a verifiable Internet presence via a website, Wikipedia entry, news story, etc.

The winner will receive my undying gratitude and the admiration of fellow readers, which is much better than a prize, anyway.

I’ll start it off with a personal favorite: the Lobster Liberation Front, the scourge of seafood lovers everywhere.

Have fun.