It’s been a week now since the nation woke up to a new political reality, and there is still – to put it mildly – a chasm of of mistrust and uncertainty between hunters, shooters and our President-Elect.

But this story is a golden opportunity for President-Elect Obama to reach out a tentative hand to the outdoors community in a gesture of conciliation and understanding.

From the story:
Peru Offers National Hairless Dog to Obamas
_LIMA, Peru (AP) — Completely bald and older than the Incas, the Peruvian hairless dog seems like an odd fit for the White House.

But Peruvians are mindful of President-elect Barack Obama’s preference for a hypoallergenic breed due to his daughter Malia’s allergies — and say the dark, rough-skinned pooch with large ears and a pointy snout could be just the solution.

The Friends of the Peruvian Hairless Dog Association responded on Monday, sending a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Peru offering the Obama family a 4-month-old pup that responds to ”Machu Picchu,” the name of Peru’s famed Inca citadel._

How is this an opportunity, you ask? First, President-Elect Obama should politely refuse the offer. No offense to Peruvians or anything, but frankly their national dog resembles a shaved butt with ears, and the last thing we need running around the White House is another barking ass.

The president needs a dog worthy of the office, and what could be more presidential than one of our magnificent sporting breeds? Many of them are short-coated and as “hypo-allergenic” as those ridiculous boutique breeds that keep popping up, and by picking a sporting dog President-Elect Obama would be sending a message to the sportsmen of this nation, a message that says “look, we have some commom ground here.”

Now would I expect President-Elect Obama to start running pattern blinds and planting birds on the White House lawn? No, but at least he wouldn’t have one of these greeting world leaders in the Rose Garden.


The only question is: which breed? I’m admittedly partial to the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Along with the Boykin spaniel and the American water spaniel, it’s a uniquely American dog. But it does have a heavy coat and it’s not much into diplomacy. So what sporting dog do you think the Obamas should choose?