Chad Love has reported for the likes of People Magazine, but he tired of stalking B-list celebrities and decided to spend more time hunting, fishing and reporting here on the absurdity of a culture that’s lost touch with the land.

Your job’s being relocated to Bangladesh, the balance on your credit card bill would make Paris Hilton look frugal, and your house is now worth about as much as three tanks of gas, which is what the monstrous SUV in your driveway burned in one week of commuting to the job you used to have.

Sounds like a good time to spend that economic stimulus check. On a new TV.

This story on says sales of new televisions jumped 28 percent in the second quarter of this year. That translates into 9.3 million sets, all bathing their new owners in the warm, comforting glow of self-delusion.

But just look at this picture quality! You can actually see Lebron’s nosehairs as he goes up for another dunk. This thing is incredible! And it’s mine! At least until the foreclosure goes through.

Wasting time seems to have become our main pastime. We desperately need to hit the off button, get outside and make our own reality, but it seems most of us prefer to watch someone else’s. High definition, digitally-enhanced surround-sound apathy is still just that – apathy. I don’t claim that hunting and fishing will solve our economic problems, but as a stimulus for actually giving a damn about the state of our world there simply isn’t a better way to clear the media fog we all seem to be stumbling through.

Perhaps instead of an economic stimulus check we would have been better served by a “soul stimulus check” that could only be used to purchase items that will do us good and make us start caring again.

That’s why when I do decide to pull a little bit of my check out the sock it’s stuffed into, that money will go to something that will enhance my life rather than consume and control it. Like, say, a new shotgun.