As outdoorsmen (and women) it behooves us to keep up with the latest advancements in gear designed for inclement conditions. And there isn’t a nastier, more extreme environment to be trapped in than the modern American airport. When your connecting flight disappears from the big board, the check-in counter goes dark as night, and your Ipod battery starts fading away it can get scary out there: roving packs of TSA agents, airport toilet paper, lattes made from non shade-grown coffees, that weird-looking hairy-toed dude sitting across from you who won’t put his shoes back on.

Let’s face it: this is a survival situation and you need shelter. Something like the airport tent. Not only a brilliant idea, but a brilliant comment on the current state of modern air travel.

However, as a self-described rugged airport outdoorsman I think it could use a few improvements.

For one, it’s got to lose the bright red color, which only draws unwanted attention from envious and/or creepy fellow travelers and suspicious security personnel. Since traditional camo won’t work well in the airport setting, the tent should be clad in an amalgamized random pattern of the most common types and colors of airport carpeting. Just be sure to pitch it in a corner so it’s not run over by one of those little motorized carts.

Second, Gore-Tex and an integral interior fan. You want the tent breathable, but only from your side. I don’t need to elaborate how airport food affects the gastro-intestinal harmony of a large group of people sleeping in close proximity, do I?

I think with those two improvements the personal airport tent could comfortably see you through the worst the FAA can dish out, but maybe I’m missing something. What would you like to see included?