Competitive Hunting Update: World Hunting Association says it won’t use darts

Just when you dared believe that the World Hunting Association’s plans for competitive hunting tournaments had been shot down for good by the “friendly fire” of pro-hunting groups, WHA founder David Farberman has announced that the group will move forward with it’s opening event on October 5 at Lost Arrow Ranch near Gladwin, Michigan—but without the use of tranquilizer darts, which Farberman points to as the most contentious issue. So now, so-called “professional hunters” will kill instead of dart whitetails in order to count tines, compare scores, win money, and get their mugs on TV.

So here's an open question, which I invite you to comment on below. I'm wondering, how will any of us who are proud to call ourselves hunters and who talk righteously about "respect for the animal" be able to show our faces in public if this abomination achieves any level of success?