I think we call all agree that venison jerky is a very serious matter, and that the issue of pepper flakes versus no pepper flakes is one of grave, grave importance. But maybe–just maybe–this off-duty police officer took things just a little too far.

From The Columbian:

_[Top Choice Meat Market owner Mike] Brannan, recounting the altercation Saturday afternoon, said [off-duty police officer Roger] Evans was retrieving a small deer he had brought into the shop for processing. The officer was angry that pepper flake hadn’t been applied to the jerky and felt he shouldn’t have to pay for the order, he said.

“He was just being incredibly rude,” Brannan said. “He was told by more than just me that he had to calm down or he would be asked to leave. . . .”

Brannan said that after Evans paid a discounted price because pepper flake had not been applied, he carried a large box out the side door and started to hand it to Evans . . . .

“As I handed it to him face-to-face, I told him, ‘Don’t ever come to my store again.’ “

Brannan said he thought Evans was taking the box from him; instead, it fell to the ground. He said he temporarily lost his balance and stumbled into a parked truck, only to stand up straight in time to see Evans draw a handgun and point it at him._