Bobcat Hunting photo

When 62-year-old Dale Rippy of Wesley Chapel, Florida, heard the bobcat on his back porch emit a deep, loud growl, he knew he was in trouble. So he took matters into his own–powerful–hands.

From the St. Petersburg Times:
_The bobcat lunged toward him, biting Rippy in the abdomen. Then the animal wrapped its body around Rippy’s, sliding its sharp nails across Rippy’s arms and legs, leaving bloody scratches.

He knew he had to do something, anything, to stop the attack.

So Rippy grabbed the animal by the neck . . . . He choked the bobcat for about a minute until it died.

“He went limp, and I’m standing there holding him by his neck,” he said. “I was bleeding everyplace.”_

Check out the full story, with photos, at the link above and tell us your reaction. Could you strangle a bobcat with your bare hands?