The day before the election, I talked to Field & Stream _editor Anthony Licata . . . . Though the left has marginalized hunters like Sarah Palin as part of the fringe, it turns out that 78% of Americans approve of hunting. . . . But Licata thinks that those issues, important as they are, were trumped this year.

“Sportsmen — just like other Americans — are deeply impacted by the economy and foreign policy, so it’s only natural that those pressing issues take center stage. We hope that no matter who is elected will respect the voices and concerns of sportsmen by working to protect habitat, foster hunting and fishing access, and preserve our rights to keep and bear arms.”

Laura Ingraham, conservative pundit, author . . . agreed. “When people are hurting as much financially as they are right now, other issues — terrorism, and various social issues, get lost in the economic panic. This (and the unpopularity of Bush) made it very hard for McCain.”_

Do you agree?