Last month, most of you argued that Tre Merrit, a 5-year-old Arkansas hunter who bagged a 400-plus-pound bruin, was not too young to target big game. A few, however, went the other way. So, what about a 4-year-old?

From Mississippi’s Hattiesburg American:
Young_2While hunting with his dad on the Pearl River in Sandy Hook, [4-year-old] Brennon [Sikes] bagged a 150-pound six-point deer.

Hunting with a T/C Contender 30/30, it was evident that Brennon had his eyes on a large prize.

His dad, Jerry, encouraged Brennon to shoot the first deer that showed itself.

Very calmly but determined, the child said he didn’t want that one – he wanted a big one.

Not long after that, Brennon got what he wanted.