They are according to this article, entitled (categorically) “Big Game Hunters For Giuliani,” from the Washington Post:
_Rudy Giuliani’s last stop Tuesday night in Florida [was] at one of the strangest political venues you’ll ever see on the campaign trail . . . “Thistle Dew Lodge.”

The mayor . . . had spoken beneath the protruding head of a titanic 14-point elk. His audience comprised some 130 members of the Safari Club International, North Florida Chapter.

Big game hunters.

“But I also enjoy duck hunting,” stipulated Tyrie Boyer, 83, a former judge. “I’ve taken everything from an elephant to a squirrel.” He said he liked Giuliani’s position on guns, small government and taxes, and “just about became convinced tonight.”_

Most of you are big-game hunters, of course. So I thought you might like to weigh in here. Check out the full article and give us your thoughts.