From the Houston Chronicle:
Karl Virtue never gave much thought to owning a gun until after he reached Social Security age.
But a year ago, after a tussle with a man he caught stealing from a neighborhood construction site, the 70-year-old figured it might not be a bad idea.
Now he’s a card-carrying concealed handgun license holder. And, as a senior citizen, he represents one of the most likely age groups to take advantage of the 1995 Texas law allowing law-abiding residents to carry guns.
There’s good reason, Virtue said.
“When I was younger I never had to worry, because nobody was going to go out of their way to give me a hard time,” said Virtue, a retired fundraising consultant. “But when you get old, you feel you’ve lost your mojo. You feel more vulnerable . . . .”
Virtue bought a 9 mm handgun . . . .
He hasn’t started carrying the gun, but if the need ever arises, he said he’ll be ready.
“The old geezers in Texas,” he said, “are well-armed.”

So, do you want the “old geezers” in your town to be “armed”? Will (or do) you carry as a senior citizen?