From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

_A year-long search failed to turn up positive proof that mountain lions are present in Wisconsin, but the study’s leader is far from dismayed.

“We’re still looking, but I don’t think it (finding conclusive evidence) is too far off,” said Eric Anderson, professor of wildlife at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

“If cougars are not here, they’re going to be here, and we should be thinking about how we are going to deal with their presence.”

Anderson’s optimism is buoyed by a photograph reportedly taken Oct. 22, 2005, near Ettrick in Trempealeau County. A bow hunter’s trail camera produced a blurry image that appears to be a cougar with a large collar around its neck.

“I consider it to be a legitimate photo,” Anderson said. “It’s intriguing, to say the least.”_

Check out the photo in this story. Does it look real to you? Have you seen or heard of a cougar roaming Wisconsin or any other area authorities say they do not inhabit?