From the syndicated column Dear Abby, as printed in California’s OC Register:

_Dear Abby: Every year, my husband and brothers-in-law go deer hunting. They always meet at my house for the big hunt. Each year they get sloppier and messier. They leave bloody footprints and pieces of deer carcass through the house and their dirty, smelly clothes in a big pile in the kitchen. They also never wash a dish, plate or utensil they use. . . .

Dear Kay. . . . My advice is to practice a little self-defense. When the next hunting party is planned, schedule a nice vacation for yourself – perhaps visiting family or a warmer climate? And make it plain to your husband that you will be back only after he has made sure the house is spotless._

Check out the full story, then tell us: Would ever leave such a mess for you wife to clean up? And what do you think of Abby’s advice?