This summer and fall, my brothers and I asked for bowhunting permission at 20 or more properties. We got on at two very small farms–and both had other people already hunting there. Fact is, access is fast becoming—if it isn’t already—the hunter’s biggest challenge. This from the Duluth News Tribune:

_Increasingly deer hunters are finding themselves caught in a squeeze over land access. Large paper companies are selling or leasing thousands of acres across Northeastern Minnesota. Other privately owned land is being sold for rural real estate development. And some hunters are finding road access to hunting lands gated or blocked with earthen berms by state or federal agencies.

“The answer I keep getting is, if you don’t like it, you should lease,” [area hunter Eric] Larson said. “But I’m philosophically opposed to it.”

What about you? Are you feeling the squeeze yet? Do you lease land? Would you consider it?