Apologies to those who’ve already seen the following over at our Whitetail365 blog. I posted it there last week, meant to put it up here, too, and well, spaced it. My bad. Here it is:

From (a website dedicated to video games and gaming)

One of biggest surprises here today at [the] E3 [gaming show in Las Vegas] for me came from Donny Clay, a producer at Atari. The game? Brace yourself: Deer Hunter Tournament. . . . The game was made even more fun by Donny’s colorful attitude. He wasn’t afraid to make a joke or two and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the product he was pitching. 

“There are two kinds of hunting,” according to Donny. “There the days when you go out and get hammered with your friends and shoot at everything that moves and the kind where you go out and you cover yourself in deer piss and try to nail a big buck. This is a game for the deer piss hunters,” Donny laughed.

So, does Donny’s description make you more or less apt to buy the game?