From San Bernardino’s The Sun:

_The A-zone deer hunting season kicks off Saturday, Aug. 9, and most sporting good stores throughout Southern California have dismal supplies of newly-required non-lead big game hunting ammunition.

“Availability is a serious issue,” said Glenn Tessers with the California Deer Association. “It irks me when I hear that no one can get non-lead ammunition.” Most bigger Southern California dealers knew this train was coming down the tracks over a year ago, but they still didn’t take steps to make sure they had adequate supplies of non-lead ammunition. In quick checks with selected stores in the region . . . all had scanty supplies . . . even in common calibers. For example, Second Amendment Sports was out of even .30-06 and .270 Winchester ammunition, while Fowler’s didn’t have .243 non-lead. Turner’s and Bass Pro Shops only had limited supplies of 30 caliber magnum rounds._

Anybody see this coming?