West Virginia’s The Hampshire Review recently reported on a wedding in which the bride—a hunter—wore a full Mossy Oak camo dress (the link to which seems to have disappeared in cyberspace). According to, the camo theme is becoming more and more popular:

_One of the fun trends in weddings is Camouflage Weddings. Such themes are often chosen by archers, outdoorsmen, hunters, fishing enthusiasts and shooters…

Creativity seems to dominate the theme, but here are some ideas:

–Many brides and grooms are now having Mossy Oak camouflage weddings. The bridesmaid wear Mossy Oak gowns and the guys dressed in camo.

–A camouflage ceremony is typically set outdoors and with themes like a Fishing and hunting themes with fish bowls with gold fish for a centerpiece.

–Camo weddings utilize camo napkins, Mossy Oak plates, napkins, tablecloths, and cups.

–Wedding cake toppers with a bride in traditional dress with her groom in camo with a bow.

–Champagne glasses with the base made out of deer antlers._

What do you think? “Fun” and “creative”–or just plain tacky?