Discussion Topic: Can Lame-Duck President Really Help Hunters?

On Friday, Dick Cheney was in Reno, Nevada, standing in for President Bush at the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy—a meeting mandated by a recent executive order designed to bolster hunting and fishing. But The San Diego Union-Tribune's Ed Zieralski wonders if the conference, or the executive order, will really help any of us. He writes:

_Pardon me for not having reported excitedly in August about an executive order regarding hunting and fishing from President George W. Bush. . . .

[The] order looked to be just another example of a beleaguered, departing administration looking for some at-the-buzzer legacy. . . .

The big announcement [at the Reno conference] was that the government is going to sponsor a new incentive payment program through the old Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to landowners who allow public hunting access on their property. It's expected to open an additional 7 million acres of quality wildlife habitat for hunting. We'll see.

In a perfect world, government agencies work with non-government organizations . . . . Unfortunately, that utopia seldom is reached, if ever, and it's going to take more than an executive order from a lame-duck president, a very unpopular one at that, to make a difference._

What do you think? Is all this, as Zieralski says, “too little, too late”?