It’s been a while since we’ve discussed this topic. Here’s the latest, from The Forum’s opinion page:

_In a series of letters to editors across the state, and in a deceptive radio ad, Citizens to Preserve North Dakota Property Rights is attacking a petition drive for an initiated measure sponsored by North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase, a measure that would end canned “hunting” in North Dakota. . .

We [at the NDHFC] oppose sham “hunts” behind the fence and the corrupt image of hunting this practice presents to the general population.

Canned hunt operators don’t believe in, or practice, fair chase. Their high fences prove that. Their ad and letters make clear that they don’t trust the people of North Dakota to make an informed decision on whether we want these operations in this state. _

Do you think canned hunts should be outlawed? Would you trust the general public to decide issues of fair chase?