From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
_A deer processor in Butler County faces 28 violations of the state Game and Wildlife Code related to the alleged illegal taking of deer and the theft of legal game from private hunters and meat designated for the poor.

“This man stands accused of stealing from hard-working hunters – both their venison and their money – and sadly, people in need,” [Wildlife Conservation] Officer [Randy] Pilarcik said.

Mr. Kielty faces penalties of up to $22,700, and the possible loss of his hunting and trapping privileges for up to 65 years . . . ._

I don’t want to suggest for a minute that most game processors are crooks. The vast majority I’ve dealt with have been great. But I’ll be honest: There’s been a time or two when my box of white packages seemed a little light, and I’ve wondered—right or wrong—what the butcher was having for dinner that night. You?