Two weeks ago, Monica Oswald, an off-duty nurse from Neptune, New Jersey, landed a 24.3-pound, potential world-record summer flounder. Since then, the angler has been ripped mercilessly by fellow fishermen and others. From The Star Ledger:

_It might have been the best day of Oswald’s life … if she had been a man, or a charter captain, or had taken better care of her fish.

But Oswald was a woman breaking a man’s record. She was an amateur, and the fish was the worse for wear. If fact, by the next day, the fish was not even intact, but more about that later.

Since then, Oswald has been vilified in online fishing discussion forums, as have her family, friends and the guys who weighed her fish at Scott’s Bait and Tackle in Bradley Beach. Oswald’s morals, honesty, intelligence, fishing skills, looks, weight and cleavage have been savaged on the Internet.

Even the fish’s parentage was brought into question.

Last week, instead of celebrating her catch, Oswald hid out in her small house about four miles from the ocean, refusing to answer the door or the phone. A fishing magazine has asked her to take a lie detector test._

Check out the whole story, then tell us your reaction. Is catching a potential world record worth the trouble?