So you’re sitting in a tree stand, waiting for a buck to walk by, when a frightened black bear cub scurries right up your tree, scrambles to a branch above your head, and starts bawling for its mother—an angry 300-pound sow that starts climbing right toward you. What do you do?

Well, here’s what 42-year-old Wisconsin hunter Kevin Schultz did, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

_The sow saw her crying cub, saw Schultz and saw red, so to speak.

She immediately went up the tree after her cub. Schultz tried fighting her off with his bow and his kicks. But the bear quickly got the upper paw.

“She got me by the side and by the armpit and tried to drag me out of the tree, but I had my tree stand strap holding me. Then she tried to pull my leg. She actually pulled my boot off. I think she then thought she had me and took the boot off,” said Schultz . . . .

He dropped his bow during the fight and was pulled out of his seat, but the safety harness kept him from tumbling to the ground. . . . “It didn’t really feel painful, it just felt super scary. . . .

After the sow pulled off Schultz’s boot, the cub climbed out of the tree and the family of bears left._

Check the full story, then tell us your reaction. What do think you’d do in the same situation?