From Delaware’s The News Journal:

_David Kingsley thought he did the right thing when he grabbed his shotgun and killed a red fox . . . . [T]he animal was acting crazy, biting its legs, scratching itself. Kingsley, a research virologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, concluded that rabies was the cause.

“It closed to within 10 yards and was about to come across the road at us,” Kingsley said.
Kingsley recalls turning to a golf course ranger and asking what he should do. “He said, ‘Shoot it,’ ” Kingsley said.

Shot fired. Good deed done.

But two wildlife enforcement officers saw it differently.

Kingsley was charged with shooting a firearm from the road, an offense that carries a potential fine of $50 to $250._

What do you think? Should Kingsley be thanked or fined?