From southern Connecticut’s The Advocate:

_Bryan Roddy, 45, of Norwalk, was hunting in Laura and Bob Feghali’s North Stamford back yard Dec. 30 when an officer responding to a neighbor’s report of a “man with a gun in a tree” approached and demanded he drop his weapon, according to the police report.

Roddy, a contractor working on the Feghalis’ house, had permission to hunt deer on their 1-acre property at 68 Saddle Hill Road, off Rockrimmon Road.

Roddy was reluctant to drop the bow, saying it would be damaged it if fell to the ground, but complied after Officer Glenn Coppola drew his gun, according to the report . . . .

“Damage to my $1,100 bow was severe,” Roddy wrote in his complaint. “I was scared, unhappy, and angry at how I was treated by an officer that was overreacting to a situation . . . .”

Roddy said the city agreed to pay for the bow repairs if he signed an agreement stating he would not sue, which he did._

What do you think? Did the officer overreact? Would you have sued?