The U.S. Senate’s draft of an immigration reform bill, which is opposed by many conservatives yet strongly endorsed by President Bush, has been creating a lot of buzz in the news this week. According to an alert from the Gun Owners of America, the proposal not only amounts to an amnesty bill but is also anti-gun:

_The current language in the amnesty bill . . . would essentially . . . threaten every gun store in America.

In Section 205, for example, all it takes for the employees of a gun shop (of five or more persons) to become a “criminal gang” is:

* For them to commit two or more violations of ANY federal felony gun offense — which includes virtually all gun offenses, including paperwork violations; and

* For the anti-gunners to find that violating gun laws was a “primary purpose” of the group.

So let’s say your local gun store sells two or three firearms to Mayor Bloomberg’s thuggish agents under New York City’s extraterritorial “sting” operations. Your gun shop is now a “criminal gang.”_

What do you think? Does this language “threaten every gun shop in America”?