Here’s another one sent to me by F&S; Shooting Editor Philip Bourjaily.
Thanks, Phil.
From a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources press release:

_Ideas to help some of Utah’s deer and elk herds were discussed at the Nov. 30 meeting of the Utah Wildlife Board . . . . Among the recommendations the board approved were the following: From Feb. 1 to April 30, 2007, antlers shed by big game animals may not be gathered in the Northern Region. This closure affects all of the land in the Northern Region. . . .

“By the time winter ends big game animals, especially deer, are very stressed,” [a DWR spokesman] says. “Not allowing people to gather antlers during this time of the year should help more deer make it all the way through the winter. The does should also be in better condition, and that will help them produce bigger, healthier fawns next spring.”_

How would you feel about giving up shed hunting in your area if it meant a healthier deer and/or elk herd?