From an Associated Press story on

_Four Minnesota hunters are suing a Michigan clothing manufacturer and a handful of outdoors retailers, claiming that clothing they bought to mask the human scent doesn’t work, and that hunters have been defrauded for years. . . .

Mike Andrews, vice president of marketing for ALS, said the suit is without merit and the company would fight it . . . .

“We’ve done years of research … we have hundreds of testimonials from consumers over the years,” he said. “We know it works. . . ._

Also, from the Minneapolis Start Tribune (registration required):

_No one disputes that activated carbon adsorbs odors. But even ALS acknowledges the carbon can become saturated with odors. Andrews says the company’s clothing can be “regenerated” or “reactivated” many times by putting it in a regular household dryer for 45 minutes. . . .

The suit says that dryer temperatures never exceed 150 degrees, but temperatures in excess of 800 degrees are needed to reactivate the carbon, and even then it wouldn’t be restored to full adsorptive capacity._

What do you think? Does activated charcoal clothing really work as well as Scent-Lok and other companies claim?